Here are Some Answers to Popular Questions Asks By Our Readers

In a simplified sense, ChowFu.co is a food blog. What we write about changes frequently based on how we feel we can be most impactful to our audience. On top of that, we derive pleasure from creating content that people find enjoyable. In that sense, ChowFu.co is a hobby as well as a vehicle for learning about food and culture.
ChowFu.co is run by a couple of people who love to cook and talk about food. We have a combined 70 years of experience eating! That's enough right? We are not professionally trained chefs or front-end developers. Cooking, coding, eating, and talking to celebrities about their personal inflenences is just a passions of ours that we've decided to share with everyone else.
Yes! Each of our quotes come directly from our celebrities, and we use them to inspire a corresponding recipe. Oftentimes, people don’t choose a specific dish or restaurant, and in those cases we try to keep it fresh and authentic by blogging on something that’s relevant to the celebrity quote (see Denzel Washington, for example).
For the vast majority of celebrities, we took advantage of people who made AMAs on Reddit. This is a website where normal guys like us can interact with famous or successful people and ask them questions both serious and mundane.
Mickey Madden of Maroon Five said, “Why does it matter if I didn’t commit the crime? I think it’d probably be the same meal if I were guilty.” and this is shared by a number of other people. We think that it adds an interesting dynamic to the question and prompts a response. Some people take the injustice of the lockup into account when choosing their final meal, while others insist that if they were innocent they will fight to the end. Even when someone is annoyed with the unnecessary verbiage, that in itself may add an interesting point in their response.
To be honest we love them all! Some are more approachable than others in terms of recipe inspiration. When Kevin Smith said he wanted “A DoDo egg”, that obviously challenges us to think of something creative yet satisfying. Sometimes it’s vastly complicated, like when Nicole Richie wanted Tony Roma’s, In-n-Out, a grill vegetable salad, sushi, and a side of tequila; that will take some time to do. Nonetheless we love challenges and frankly, we get to eat all the food that we make so we’re perfectly ok with that.
The short answer is, it doesn’t. If you are familiar with food blogs, you’ll see that many of them are swamped with advertising. We wanted to keep the integrity of the how the page looked so opted to not place any advertising at this time. The only source of revenue comes from Amazon Affiliate links, and they typically link to things we either own or wouldn’t mind having ourselves. Nearly 100% of the cost of this webpage (from coding to research to purchases for our recipes and blogs) come out of pocket, because we love what we’re doing.
As often as we can! We’ll try to start out slow with weekly content updates because much of our time will still be focused on make the page more accessible and fixing random bugs in our amateurish code, but we hope to be able to update much more frequently once things get going.
There's just so much to do. We have a huge back log of celebrity quotes to translate into new delicious recipes, along with a number of unrelated food blogs that we're working on building. From the front end side, we'd like to take this page off of Amazon S3 into EC2 to allow for some PhP integration for easier updates (save some time updating those navigation bars) and then enable a way for our readers to better communicate with us. And of course, we're giving out a ton more stuff as thanks to our loyal subscriber!